We are starting with a new cyclus in  “Finca de Milagros”

With the gratitude in our hearts for everything we have been able to learn and receive in recent years, it is now about applying, feeling, experiencing and sharing from our Heart.

We therefore use as source ; “A Course in Miracles” and direct messages from Jesus.

For the application, we use four pillars as foundation and tools;

1: “I am responsible for what I see, feel and experience”

2: “I deeply and completely accept what I feel here and now with the Love that I am”

3: “I long to communicate lovingly with myself and towards my brothers and sisters”

4: “I choose unity instead of duality and connection instead of separation”

There are session on Thursdays from 10:00 until 13:00 in dutch.

Free donations are welcome in gratitude.

There is an opportunity to organize a weekend or several days in the finca.

Workshops are regularly organized by the teachers.

The contribution for the stay is 15€/night/person.

Guido Visbeek | 0034 651 737 113 | 0034 665 209 819 |

Finca de Milagros