Finca de Milagros

The Purpose Sanctifies the means

Our goal is to restore communication with the Love of God and each other.

The means is the Atonement, accepting our total innocence and that we are still as God created us.

The experience of loving as intended by our Father is the result.

We can only love as God loves.

Try not to love other than Him, for there is no love apart from His.

Until we see that this is true, we will have no idea what Love is.

Our goal is to clear the obstacles that prevent us from being aware of Love.

The mind training with the workbook lessons is a necessary help.

We use 4 pillars as a practice and application as a foundation on which we build our experiences of Love and connection in this world. We are so helping
to the transformation that is now being realized.

These pillars are

1. Taking total responsibility for everything that happens in our lives.

2. True acceptance of what is happening in the now in the feeling experience.

3. True, Loving communication.

4. Unity with the Heart, bringing the opposites together, leaving only the truth, Love.

“Behold the Son of God, and behold his purity, be still.

Calmly consider his holiness, and give thanks to his Father that no guilt ever befell him.”
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