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I believe that I have created every conflict, event, that brings confusion and pain, and is meant to get to know myself and heal the pain that I have accumulated throughout my lifes and nestled as a strange entity in every cell of my body.

By constantly projecting the pain away, in the form of blame, or by cherishing it in the role of victim, and together with anger and anger create a lot of negative self-esteem. This makes the projection extra real, and I pollute the mirror that could show me what is really happening to me. With consequence; more pain as food for the survival of the self-condemnation and guilt. I can break this vicious circle by recognizing the mistake.

1. All thoughts I have about this are (pain) thoughts from the past that I project onto this situation.
2. Because of this I see and become aware that the situation in itself is neutral and only my judgment about it gives it the meaning I want to see.
3. I forgive myself for the mistake, and accept the feeling apart from the thoughts around it.
4. I surrender to the Holy Spirit..and ask for a Miracle (turning from fear, guilt to Love, innocence)

Coming home to myself to that source of Love, Splendid Joy and inner Peace and Connectedness to All That Is, can indeed only take place if I can clear the old patterns of guilt and fear that keep me away from my natural state as mentioned above.

This process has been keeping me very busy lately, by fully accepting in the NOW what I feel and not projecting it outwardly, making me a victim of the "other.

“A Course in Miracles” teaches me that I am never confused for the reason I think, and that it is always old pain that I project onto a current situation. And it is precisely this old pain that is blocking me from coming home to myself.
In daily practice this means that with ANY irritation, guilt, frustration, fear etc I become AWARE of my FEELING, go in with my attention, feel what is happening to me, both physically and emotionally, RELEASE from the thoughts about it,( because every thought about my feeling pulls me out of the present, to past or future,)

By fully ACCEPTING whatever presents itself as it is, including the pain, I can feel the Power behind it, healing old pain, allowing me to forgive myself and the "other" more easily, and release myself from guilt and fear.
We have accumulated so much pain in our cells that a pain body has started to form, this pain body feeds on more pain by repeating the old patterns until we recognize the process and shine Light on it through the above practice.
This has now become so clear to me that it becomes a daily EXPERIENCE, and more and more room is made for intense joy, emotion with a sense of connection, and I will also consciously feel this in gratitude.

What helps me along with is : "A Course in Miracles", "A Course of Love";”A Way of Mastery”, "A Journey Beyond Words" and others.

The Course says the same thing: "It is not a question of seeking the Love within ourselves because it is already there, it is only a matter of clearing the blockages that keep me from the experience of Love" This cannot be done by to fight against, to deny, or to project (the cause does not leave its source), but by accepting and seeing for what it is; a self-made pain from the past, which essentially no longer exists, but is held by the ego for its survival.

This path is not a spiritual training, which is primarily aimed at attaining higher spiritual experiences while ignoring the dark sides of the personality. There are many methods and practices that seek to realize the spiritual Self. However, many of them, although they use good methods to achieve a quick result, do not pay enough attention to the areas of the ego that are permeated with negativity and destructiveness. Success thus obtained is always short-lived and in fact an illusion, although some experiences can be very authentic. But such a spiritual state is shaky and cannot be held unless the whole personality is involved. Since people shy away from facing, FEELING and ACCEPTING certain sides of themselves, they often flee into movements that promise that spirituality is possible without self-examination.

If you consider a spiritual path to be something where meditation is practiced as an end in itself, to achieve a blissful cosmic experience and state of consciousness, then this path is not for you.

Therefore, it is correct to say that this path is neither psychotherapy nor a spiritual path in the usual sense of the word. And at the same time it is both.

The temptation to do spiritual practices to reach for happiness and fulfillment and avoid the present negativity, confusion and pain is great. But this attitude misses the point: it destroys itself, it arises from illusion and leads to more illusion. The illusion is that anything in you can be avoided. The illusion is also that you should fear and deny what is within you. As destructive as it is, it can be TRANSFORMED. Only when you avoid it does it really become harmful to yourself and others.

You don't start therapy. You embark on a journey that will lead you into a new area of ??your inner world. But whether you have had therapy (with or without success), or are in serious trouble and need help to live your life in a satisfying way, it will be necessary for a long time to pay particular attention to those areas of yourself that negative, destructive and false. You may not like to do that, but if you really want to find your real Self, the core of your being where all good comes from, this is necessary. How long, you will ask. The time depends on your state of mind, how you deal with your feelings, what your life looks like on the outside.

When your negativity is transformed, it will show in your life and there will be no doubt about it. The path will organically divert your attention to other points. The purpose of this path is not to cure you of a neurosis or psychosis, even though it is very suitable for this. It will definitely happen if you do the work. But you don't have to go down this path for that.

Don't go down this path if you expect it to make you forget about your grief and pain and obscure those sides of your personality that you don't like or even hate. This aversion does not have to be "neurotic". You may be right if you hate it. But it is a mistake to believe that it makes you a hopeless case. This path teaches you to face, feel, and fully accept this feeling because only then can you truly love yourself. And only then can you find your Essence, your divine Self. But if you wish to find your essence and under the guise of spirituality refuse to look at all that is within you, this is not the path for you.

 Every human being feels an inner desire that goes deeper than the desire for emotional and creative fulfillment - although of course this is part of the deeper and more essential desire. If we were to try to precisely articulate the meaning of this desire, perhaps the most accurate "translation" would be: a sense or realization that there is a different state of consciousness, which brings greater fulfillment and a greater ability to experience life. , in the ACCEPTANCE OF WHAT IS what is the experience of the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE OF GOD
What I feel is what I've told myself to feel, it's a learned behavior, something I've chosen to experience. I hide the Power in accepted beliefs, including the belief that I am not powerful, and so can become a victim of people or events outside of myself. By coming closer to the hidden beliefs, I feel the Energy hidden there as resistance.

Now that it becomes clear what is really happening, I can without fear and resistance, see the ridiculousness of it and feel what there is to feel, and name the energy what it really is: my real Power, the representation of God, Unconditional Love.

« Feelings are neither good nor bad. They are ! Just feel… and accept them. »
This is the process of getting back to my true Power

And when it is clear to me what is really happening, I will be free to do the exercises to reclaim my Power, which seems to be outside of me.

To see this clearly it will be desirable to make a commitment to myself, this declaration to myself is the Value I place on myself.
This is also where guilt, and self-judgment has arisen., with some belief systems and beliefs, this makes me feel what I don't want to feel and see what I essentially don't want to see and will hide it, deny it causing it to become blocks (hidden power that is in being only the Love of God)

All these beliefs and judgments hide the real meaning of WHAT IS that makes me go into resistance. When I feel resistance, I really feel the hidden Force, which I call resistance.

When I feel attacked or annoyed by what someone says or does, it means that I have accepted this as real, and then I get mad at myself for accepting these judgments. Blaming myself for having accepted these judgments is self-condemnation.

This is the ego's ingenious way of hiding my Power and keeping it hidden.
From the moment I become judgmental, my relationship with whatever or whoever I judge will remain locked where I left it.

Therefore, the first step in reclaiming my Power is to open the Energy that I have hidden in my self-judgment. (shadow side) This also opens the Energy in the creed that I have accepted.

When I feel hurt by something or someone, it is the reflection of what I believe about myself.

The anger I feel towards the one who hurts me is in weekly the anger I feel towards myself. As long as I continue to blame the other person, I will lock up this way of experiencing him or her. Because of this she will continue to behave in the same way .
« All fear is ultimately reduced to the fundamental delusion that you have the ability to usurp the power of God » (T II 4:1)
The futile insane idea: the knowledge of good and evil, that something opposite could exist, the forgetting to laugh so the belief in the reality of this, is the miscreation, with this the FEAR of punishment.

In contrast, GOD is LOVE without opposite, The I AM POWER OF ALL THINGS, which is present in each of us as the Core of what we really Are.
There is one energy in the Universe. Everything is derived from this one energy. This energy is love. Under the principle of free will, we may use this energy -- love -- any way we wish. Everything we think, feel, say or do is love transformed by each of us into the precise experience our soul wishes us to have. And in a miraculous way, into the precise experience everyone else's soul wishes them to have.

Since each of us is just an entity of love, our capacity to love is limitless. In fact, our most basic purpose is to feel love under every conceivable circumstance.

This love that we are derives from our divinity. We are each a God Presence exploring new ways of feeling and expressing our love. When we are willing to step back and see our lives and the lives of others from this broader perspective, we become eager to enjoy the richness and fullness of generously sharing our unlimited supply of unconditional love.